euroCom is a German non-governmental organisation founded in Berlin in 1989 with the original aim to arrange social, cultural and ecological co-operation projects between the West and the East.

Troughout the 1990ies euroCom’s activities covered a number of countries of different development levels the world, in particular in (Eastern)Europe, the Near and Middle East and Africa.

By co-operating with other non-governmental organisations and charities on a project-to-project basis, euroCom’s work is aimed at pursuing the following goals:

Furthermore, euroCom collaborates with a variety of German and European organisations working in different sectors and utilises their specific skills and experience for providing counselling services and professional inputs to projects in third countries.


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Gesellschaft für europäische Kommunikation e.V.

Brachvogelstr. 1

10961 Berlin - Kreuzberg

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